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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A college Haiku of sorts

I'm pretty sure I am losing it and reverting to high school.

I am depressed when I don't get an A.


It's the devil.

I will be lucky to pass.

Passing is a B.

It's a struggle.

I struggle.


So instead I just sit here and cry like a big fat baby.

 And feel sorry for myself.

Like a boob.

What a boob.

Suck it up, buttercup.

If I have to take this class over, I might be a monster student with deep anger issues.

Not really.

I'm not a snowflake.

But alas, I am still very sad and unhappy and angry.

It's like I'm a snowflake inside.

I think I'm going to go find Hillary.

I will  ask for her connections to "give me a pass" in this course.


Just this one time.

Maybe next semester too.

Second course in statistics.

I just got inducted to Golden Key Honors Society.

It is comprised of the top 15% of the university.

But it might be short lived only to dive below the mark a semester later.

This is not a Haiku.

The words are all wrong.

But a sad, sad college story.

From an adult, non-traditional student's standpoint.

Most young ones would have just shot up the place.

Instead, I'm going to seek out Hillary and ask for help.


Is she even relevant anymore?


I still have some.

College life.



Monday, November 13, 2017

A Constitutional Right? The Cops Smash Out Freedom of Expression

Greetings, friends and foes!

My latest article on Law Enforcement Today for your perusal. I thought it was a little snarky, but it did not generate much traffic. We did have some fairly good discussion on a LEO private page with it.

Today on The Boogie Man FB page, I posted some nice peace and love memes. Spread kindness. Like jam. Why? Because it is easier to spread jam than jelly. NO! Because it's free. And it makes the world go around.

I have unplugged from news the last few days. I tried to catch up today and found it was about the same as when I left off. So, therefore, I think I missed nothing. But here is a meme which sums up my thoughts on college campuses right now, including mine.

THIS should not be tolerated. For reals. It is whacked.

You are only safe if you are a liberal speaker. What happened to this world?

When they invite extremists like Bill Ayers speak without redemption but not a conservative extremist like Ann Coulters, I find it very ironic. Now, I don't really care for either one of those persons, but I do not understand why there is a difference in policy and protection of free speech.
It kind of reminds me of this free speech or free expression I squashed while on patrol...

A little throwback funny for you today...see if you can recognize the sarcasm in my mind when I wrote this. Oh, and yes, these wer not politically correct times nor was I always "appropriate", but I was real. 

Picture of actual hooker I ran into...KIDDING! Well, maybe

Running code to yet another family fight, I heard a call come over the radio.

A dispatcher off duty was following a car with 3 men wearing bandannas over their faces.

Not strange if you are riding a horse in a dusty storm...or in 1870 robbing a bank. Or even normal attire on Halloween. But this was in the middle of the week on a hot August night. I did not recall any insurgence of bandits coming into town or even a new gang.

Picture this: the backseat passenger was holding his hand over a girl's mouth and she was screaming. Several calls started streaming into the 911 center as other citizens reported the strange group. Naturally, a bazillion  three cop cars started hauling ass toward the direction of travel. Soon, it was a cat and mouse game.

Thinking I was missing out on one of the local high school's theater group pranks (complacency and doubt giving me preconceived notions), I skeedaddled to my family fight and dealt with it as fast as I could wrap up a domestic argument.

Afterwards, the bandidos were still on the loose but the PoPo finally pulled in behind them and had pulled them over without incident.

Rookie. Training Opportunity. Or as we like to call them RTOs or "meat" calls.

Lepreshawn thought this would be great training for a felony stop for Lunch Money, my rookie. Although the heat of the stop was over, there was still an investigation to be done.

I wandered their direction and with a glance and some inside knowledge. I observed the yahoos in the car were 3 young men, currently on probation, who had become frequent flyers in the course of their childhood. They were familiar. I recognized them. They were gangsta wannabes with no real ghetto experience. After the fake guns were put away, we identified the "brilliant mob boss", Max.

MAX: Hi, officers. Just joking! We thought it would be funny to ride around with bandanas and pretend we kidnapped someone.

ME: Where did you figure that was a good idea? Out of a Cracker Jacks box?

Scha-wing! You just landed yourself the attention of the entire city. And we have all day. Idiots.

Strangely enough, the car smelled like weed. The kids smelled like weed. Must be weed. Sure enough. Lepreshawn found weed.

And so...gangsta wannabes became gangsta wannabes with weed tickets. We might turn them into real criminals after all.

ME: You might just want to tie those bandanas around your neck next time. Use them as a necklace or as a tourniquet. Just an idea.

MAX: What's a tourniquet?

ME: A really tight necklace.  You can't be a gangsta if you don't know what that is. Just sayin'.

MAX:  We are. There are gangs. You don't know what we are capable of.

ME: I know you are capable of being the only people in the city dumb enough to ride around looking for the PoPo to pull you over with guns and to turn yourselves in for weed.

MAX: We didn't do that.

ME: Really? Aren't those weed tickets in your hand? And don't I have your weed? And didn't you do some crazy shit to flag us down?

MAX: *blink*blink*

ME: Oh, and tell your probation officer hello. I expect that revocation warrant to be out next week.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quagmire and Opto-mistic Prime

Many of you may not know, that stress has kind of gotten the best of me at times. I was browsing my posts and recognizing only an angry woman. I really don't feel that way, but it was then I was motivated to write a post. All of a sudden, Bitchfest  began. Much of my frustration stems from two influences: my financial and life status, and aggressive and negative people. Some of those I know and some I do not.

For example, Lord Farquaad and I have deteriorated to a point I have to call police because he constantly yells and curses at me and the neighbors from his porch. The town believes he is losing it and request reports. I lost my temper over the weekend and did not do anything bad, but I should not have yelled back at him.

My words consisted of yelling at him to stop harassing me and the neighbors along with addressing his foul language around the kids. It just got worse to the point I outstretched my arms in a "bring it on" fashion and challenged him to call the police to resolve his issues with me...whatever they are, because he can never give me a good reason about why he hates me all of a sudden or what I have done. He just stopped and then his wife interjected. I have decided she is a delusional peach. So, I called the cops.


It turned out fine and of course, the PoPo sided with my concerns and encouraged me to report everything. Beat me now. But they had to mediate and compromise on both sides. So, parking in front of my property and not extending one inch over to his, is a compromise. Do I mind? No, but I do not like the fact that Lord Farquaad now thinks people cannot part in front of his house because the police moved them last time. Granted, we were only a few inches past the property line and legally parked on the street. It is a public street. People cannot govern who parks in front of their own homes when it is public parking and legally parked. But, Ok. Give the crazy dude some bones so they can come back and say, well now, this one time...

I'm tough. I can get through it until I can sell. We now have learned about the vicious cycle of Harry Potter residents and I feel sorry for these people. Only one lasted over 20 years, with the rest moving in about 3-4 years. The ones previous to me were less than 2. I had thought other circumstances, but now it is perfectly clear.

The cycle will end someday when he passes. He is over 80. But until then, misery.

Add into that the wackos of the world. I am surrounded in academia with UNLIKE thinkers. We have people who "DE-FRIEND" people who do not share the same political views. I'm not talking about just social media, I'm talking about defriending for life. This is an odd social experiment and tells me that the mentality of people is very fragile. This alarms me because deep down in there, there is a sensitive vulnerability which makes me think they will someday easily snap. I see CJC majors who hate cops who want to be one and I'm like..."why are you here in criminal justice?"

I know people who feel it is no big deal to deface the American flag. I see people who think it is OK to not respect officials and talk nasty to police before they even know where they stand or what is going on. It is a "my phone is in your face" because they must record everything because no one can be trusted.

Additionally, all I hear around me is "fuck America", "fuck our president", and "fuck you". Anger. Everywhere. It gets old. And if I remind these folks about being the positive change, they flip me off. This stews and it makes me worry about their reactions and future thoughts turning into aggressive physical action.


I look at the American societal changes over the last few years and behavior has become aggressive and accepted. Mental illness is abundant. So why aren't we focusing more on helping people?

It's a mystery.

Lately, I love the results that restorative justice is not working and the price is compounding a social problem. Hmm. Could have told you that. However, some of the programs are necessary. Now this does not include drug rehab or mental health. Those are services required in sentencing. Restorative justice pertains to work programs like boot camps, lock down housing facilities where they take them to work during the day and they are locked down at night and on weekends, etc.

Maybe that is what we are seeing now. Our mentally ill society has not been helped or contained, but now are acting out on their internal aggressions as irrational and dangerous as they are. I still believe deregulating mental health was a mistake. It needed to be seriously reformed, but letting the inmates run the asylum for years has now created a very tenuous society.

Parents stopped making their kids suck it up with the bumps of life.

Let's derail the train to me. I think I need to talk about me. LOL.

I'm at a poverty level. I live in a home which is under construction and disrepair. Really have never lived like this in all my life. But I do not go out and commit crimes or stop moving forward and strive upward. I think it says a lot about backgrounds and how we are raised.

My pay really sucks, but my benefits are great. I get a lot of free stuff. Like free gym passes, free events. incentives, and a tuition reduction. It is really the only way I can afford to go to grad school. For which I am very grateful. I hope to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and find a viable job somewhere. I'm not attached to this area. However, my daughter is and I figure once I get her graduated, we both can have wings.

Despite my struggles, I remain optimistic. It is who I am. Opto-mistic Prime. I could be a Transformer.

Watch Netflex Manhung: Unabomber. It was excellent and I felt the pains of the agent as I became obsessed with my cases as well. Oh, the dread that came with this series. I relived my detective days. But this was well done and so interesting. You will feel pained for both Ted and Fitz.

My life really gets better in 10 days when Longmire airs its last season. It will be bittersweet.

But, luckily I have Netflix so I can watch it again and again and again and again and again.